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John Dalli - A Biography Of Incompetence

John Dalli EU Commissioner 

John Dalli EU Commissioner (a born LIAR on the 5th October 1948) also known as Johnny Cash is a Maltese politician who served in various Nationalist Party Governments between 1987 and 2009. He is the eldest son from a family of five children. His late father was a pastizar (a person who makes a Maltese snack (cheese/peas cakes (pastizzi) and cafe' owner). This cheap Maltese snack is based on fatty filo pastry and a large contributor to obesity if consumed on a regular basis.

John Dalli qualified as an accountant in 1971. He gained his ACCA qualification through a correspondence course while working as commercial apprentice at the Malta Dry Docks. Dalli worked in the private sector in Malta and abroad, both in industry and as an independent consultant.

Examining his Wikipedia contents (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Dalli) and many articles published on line it is noticeable that this is a pompous, arrogant hypocrite in the habit of telling half-truths. He is also a proven liar. He is incapable of taking constructive criticism in all that he says and does in his political life. He often starts legal actions for libel at the drop of a hat (see Times of Malta article below 5/10/2009) while it is acceptable to him to make false and malicious accusations to protect his political and financial interests.

While being in politics for many years he was involved and connected to some very serious political scandals for which he has never been held accountable. He also colluded with the police and others to frame Joseph Ellul-Grech. Ellul-Grech whistle blew in John Dalli's involvement in the Daewoo scandal ( no connection with Daewoo in Korea) from which it is alleged that Dalli received a backhander of €1.2 million to arrange loans for the company with Bank of Valletta using little collateral. To find out more read the following in full.

He was first elected to Parliament in 1987 on behalf of the Nationalist Party and since then he was re-elected in five successive elections: in 1992, 1996, 1998, 2003 and 2008. He has also served as Parliamentary Secretary for Industry (1987 – 1990).


During this period he became known for his misjudgement of what was termed as the AMS scandal. He granted and paid Lm400, 000 from the Malta Treasury so that the owners of this fictitious business could set up a factory in Malta, this never materialised and the person involved left Malta with the Lm400, 000 (920, 000 Euros approximately). He was not held accountable for his misjudgement.


John Dalli served as Minister of Economic Affairs from 1990 – 1992. During this period his brother Bastjan (Sebastian) was accused of importing a container of approximately 730 boxes of whisky, gin, vodka and rum. Bastjan was accused of avoiding customs duty of Lm24, 000 (55, 900 Euros approximately). He stated that he had made an order for a container of bottled water but when it arrived it turned out to be a container of spirits. This case came to be known as "The Water Miracle", referring to Christ’s ability of turning water into wine. Again, Dalli was not held accountable for his brother’s involvement. The case against his brother is still pending to date (2008). Refer to the book written by Glenn Bedingfield, titled Hbieb tal-Hbieb, Drogi, Flus u Whisky (translation: Friends of Friends, Drugs, Money and Whisky) published in 2001 by the Malta Labour Party.


John Dalli was appointed Minister of Finance from 1992 - 1996. During this period the Mater Dei Hospital project was in full swing. This hospital project has been shrouded in political and financial scandals and proven incompetence. The Mater Dei is a six hundred-bed hospital which took more than 17 years to build at a cost of more than Lm250 million (582 million Euros) (Mater Dei Hospital Scandals). (Comparatively, between 122 and 134 A.D. the Romans, using primitive tools, started the construction of Hadrian’s Wall, which is 120 kilometres long, crossing England east to west from the North Sea to the Irish Sea. It took them approximately eleven years to build including the building of nineteen large forts to house the legions defending it).

Many tenders were issued for this hospital. One major tender for the supply of concrete was awarded to Bastjan Dalli despite the fact that this was not the most competitive. Bastjan was also awarded many road-resurfacing tenders during this period despite his lack of knowledge in such projects. The auditing tender for the hospital went to an accountant’s practice with strong connections to John Dalli and Universal Commerce Agency Ltd/Daewoo Malta Ltd. Many corruption allegations were made. Calls for an investigation were made but these were ignored and no one was held responsible for the alleged corrupt practices.

During 1996 the Nationalist Party in Government realised that the administration had lost control of the nation’s finances and called an early election. When the Nationalist Party had gained power in 1987 they inherited a treasury with a surplus of Lm440 million (1, 012 million Euros) and no deficit. In less than nine years this surplus was turned into a large deficit and a national debt that got out of hand. This election returned the Malta Labour Party to power. John Dalli was elected and was appointed Shadow Finance Minister.


At the time Dalli was also a consultant for several large companies, one of them being Universal Commerce Agency Ltd. They were importers of motor vehicles such as, Daewoo, Holden, Dacia, Rocsta as well as other consumer white goods. While being a consultant for this company loans in excess of Lm16 million (approximately 37 million Euros) were granted by one of the major Maltese banks (Bank of Valletta) in which the Government had a majority share holding. These loans were granted with very little security and no questions asked. It was also alleged that as “Mr. Fix It”, John Dalli received a backhander of more than Lm 500, 000   (1, 200, 000 Euros) (evidence to confirm this exists and it will be published when the time is right). It was then that he gained the nickname of “Johnny Cash” because he liked getting paid in cash. The loans were approved while John Dalli was a consultant for the company and Shadow Finance Minister. Hypothec No:13640 signed on the 25th September 1997 confirms this. However, the Maltese media cover this up.

In 1998, due to the difficulties caused by the Nationalist Party, the Malta Labour Party had to call an early general election. The Nationalist Party won this and John Dalli was elected and given back his office as Finance Minister.

The Mid Med Bank Privatisation Scandal

On the 14th April 1999 John Dalli, Marin Hili and Joe N. Tabone sold Mid-Med Bank lock, stock and barrel for a pittance (Lm80 million approximately 184 million Euros). Hili and Tabone were close friends of Dalli and acting as alleged consultants on behalf of the nation. This National Asset was the largest bank in Malta that controlled more than half of the Maltese economy. The sale also included the only Turner masterpiece on the island and owned by the bank. There were many questions raised about this irregular privatisation. The sale was concluded without the knowledge of the Minister for Economic Affairs (Profs. Josef Bonnici) responsible for the local banks at the time. Allegations of commissions received by those involved in the strangest privatisation in European history were made. John Dalli sold this strategic national asset without having the consent of the Cabinet of Ministers. In fact even the Prime Minister of the time did not know about the sale because he was in hospital undergoing a heart bypass operation. John Dalli informed the Prime Minister of the sale when he was still convalescing. The opposition and other bodies made demands for an investigation. These were bluntly ignored. Reference: Book, Friends of Friends, Drugs, Money and Whisky by G. Bedingfield. Numerous articles in the Times of Malta, The Malta Independent, Kullhadd, L-Orizzont (and many other Maltese newspapers). Also, published studies made by The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Maltese Parliament records.


Soon after this scandal, rumours of serious irregularities at Universal Commerce Agency Ltd. surfaced and were reported to the Prime Minster Dr. E. Fenech Adami and the Police Commissioner. They were informed that clients that bought vehicles were embezzled of more than Lm1.5million (approximately 3.5 million Euros). To confirm this, the leader of the opposition (Dr. Alfred Sant) placed in parliament a detailed reconciliation that included the names, I. D. and account details of every client that was defrauded by Universal Commerce. This also included the monitory amounts that each client had lost. There were many articles written in the local press and programmes made on local TV stations, including speeches made by the opposition at mass meetings. Again the opposition demanded an investigation. The Government ignored these.

The Anonymous Letters Scandal

 In early November 1999 anonymous letters and documents were being distributed by post alleging that John Dalli failed to declare in his tax returns bank deposits that he had in an off shore bank account. He denied all the allegations made and accused the opposition (Malta Labour Party) of organising this using stationery used in parliament to discredit and defame him. A parliamentary investigation involving the police was carried out and there was no evidence found connecting any member from the opposition to this crime.

John Dalli also flasely and maliciously accused Joseph Ellul-Grech, a former employee at Universal Commerce Agency Ltd., (Daewoo car importers) knowing all along that he was innocent. The accusations were that this person had sent more than 20,000 anonymous letters to the general public to defame John Dalli. Each letter contained three A4 size papers. It was alleged that this was done because it could not be blamed on the opposition and because this person reported the irregularities and possible fraud at Universal Commerce to the police and the Prime Minister. The accused always maintained his innocence and claimed that this was a frame up by John Dalli to cover up his involvement with the Daewoo scandal.

Ellul Grech was arrested on the evening of the 15th November 1999. While under arrest these anonymous letters were still being distributed by post. Dalli made a public request asking the recipients to hand the letters over to the police as evidence. On the night of the 15th –16th November 1999 there was a car accident at approximately 2.00 a.m. on St. Ann’s Street, Floriana. The vehicle was being driven by Mario Galea M.P. (Nationalist Party). This incident was caught on security cameras installed at the USA Embassy on the same street. No one knows what happened to these tapes and it is possible that these were given to the police to investigate the incident. It is alleged that Mario Galea had in his possession a large amount of these anonymous letters. On the 17th November the accused was arraigned in court in front of Magistrate Antonio Mizzi. Prior to the start of proceedings John Dalli spent approximately half an hour in the magistrate’s chambers. This was an irregular situation that does not happen in any democratic society.

An investigation into what has become known as “The Daewoo Scandal,” (no connection with Daewoo in Korea) was never carried out. It is alleged that the CEO/Director of Universal Commerce Agency Ltd., (Joseph M. Scicluna who is also The Philippine Consulate in Malta) was never investigated. In Malta it is not what you know that counts, it’s who you know.

However, the police conducted a four-year investigation into the false accusations made by John Dalli regarding the anonymous letters. The person accused (Joseph Ellul-Grech) of sending these 20,000 anonymous letters was found not guilty on the 14th October 2003. In his judgement Magistrate Tonio Micallef Trigona confirmed that the detailed and long investigation conducted by the prosecution did not find a shred of evidence to connect the accused to these anonymous letters. The prosecution and its officials had based the case purely on the false accusations made by Minister John Dalli. Despite all this, no one was ever charged with sending these letters. John Dalli was never held accountable for wasting police time and resources. It is possible that all the evidence has now disappeared.

During their investigations the police traced the stationery used to parliament. The Malta Labour Party was absolved of any connection to this serious crime. Ellul-Grech had no connection or access to parliament. The evidence points to John Dalli. It is alleged that he had the opportunity, access to resources and motive to conduct such a crime. As the stationery used came from parliament it is evident that public funds and resources were abused. To this day no one has been held accountable for this crime.

When the accused person was acquitted John Dalli did not have the courtesy to apologise. Despite the seriousness of the situation he put himself into he was not asked to resign. Universal Commerce Agency Ltd. /Daewoo Malta Ltd went bankrupt under another name (Paola Motors Ltd) and no one knows how much was owed to the bank. It is alleged that the loans had reached Lm21 million (approximately 48.3 million Euros). The majority share holding in the bank still belongs to the nation. Many of the assets confiscated in the liquidation have not been sold to date (July 2008). John Dalli held office as Finance Minister using his talents to contribute towards increasing the National Deficit and National Debt.

During his tenure of the Ministry of Finance he is best remembered for taking the national debt to record levels of well over one billion Maltese Liri and for introducing the most unfair tax of all, VAT, in 1994 and again in 1998. He claimed that its introduction would decrease the cost of forty thousand products and services. It has been pointed out that one has to be really gullible to believe that.


In February 2004 John Dalli contested the election for the leadership of the Nationalist Party but was unsuccessful, losing to Dr. Lawrence Gonzi. In the new cabinet Dalli was appointed Minster of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion. However, he resigned after serving for only three months from April to July 2004. This followed investigations into an award for contracts for medical equipment and airline ticketing when Dalli was minister of finance and responsible for awarding such contracts. Dalli remained a backbench MP.

John Dalli was re-elected to the House of Representatives in the March 2008 general election and became Minister for Social Policy on 12 March 2008. This portfolio deals with health, employment and industrial relations. Joe Cassar and Mario Galea were appointed to assist him as Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care respectively. However, he resigned after serving for only three months claiming attacks by members of his own party.

Prior to the Mach 2008 general election John Dalli was cleared of the allegations made against him not by a court of law but by Prime Minister Gonzi. The Auditor’s General findings were never made public. This raises doubts about the prime minister’s decision. In several televised interviews John Dalli maintained that members of his party framed him.

Despite his track record John Dalli was elected to parliament in the general election of March 2008. He was appointed Minister of Social Policy. This department included the National Health Service, family, pensions, social benefits, social housing, voluntary organisations etc.,

During his short period as Minister of Social Policy he criticised the sorry state the health department was in when he took charge. He inherited a service with long waiting lists for medical treatment, lack of resources and medical staff etc. However, the situation did not improve while he was Minister. Despite his experience in this field being very short (Mar 2008 – Jan 2010) 22 months). Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi nominated him for the post of EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

John Dalli’s Familial Favouritism (Corruption).

Prior to being appointed Minister for Social Policy in March 1998, John Dalli’s brother Bastjan had been awarded a contract by the previous minister to build a block of flats in Floriana. On completion, the surveyors condemned the building due to bad workmanship and the wrong concrete mixture used between the floors. The building was not fit for human habitation because it was dangerous.

Social housing was in John Dalli’s portfolio and he was legally bound by law to start proceedings against his brother to recover the millions of Euros that this project had cost the taxpayer.

During the two years John Dalli was minister for social policy he failed to hold his brother accountable for negligence. Court proceedings were never started.


In his years as a politician, John Dalli has gained a reputation for being arrogant and unable to accept constructive criticism. On many occasions when facing such situations he has retaliated with arrogant replies, threats of legal action and by using his parliamentary privilege to make false and malicious accusations. This has protected him from any possible legal action by the injured party.

On the eve (25th January 2010) of his appointment as EU Commissioner, while being interviewed on a political TV program, without having any proof he claimed that a group of individuals mounted a campaign against him in Brussels with the intention of damaging his political career.

In his accusations he included reliable news reporters calling them “ignorant and imbecile”.

This arrogant commissioner neglects to remember that during his years as Finance Minister his party called an early general election because the nation’s financial affairs had got out of control.

Also, the national deficit and debt reached record levels in Maltese history. He also neglects to remember all the political scandals that he was connected to and never been held accountable for his actions.


In February 2010 John Dalli was appointed EU Commissioner. In his briefing John Dalli stated “ patients first, consumers first”. Without having any experience of genetically modified products or farming experience, five weeks after his appointment he approved the cultivation of GM plants. He ignored the fact that 80% on the European people are against GM products. This is living proof and confirmation of his arrogance. He always said one thing and then he does exactly the opposite.

John Dalli has no expertise in this field and his experience in the health sector was gained during the few months he was minister for social policy. He is an accountant with a gift for manipulating figures to cover up his incompetence in controlling the budgets and targets he had set himself.

Contrary to his statement in this case everyone comes last. If the negative properties of GM plants got into the food chain most Europeans could end up experiencing serious health complaints. No one knows what the repercussions could be. We could also have another situation like THALIDOMIDE but on a much larger scale.

John Dalli’s knowledge of GM products is very limited. His expertise is in arrogance, incompetence, lies, political scandals, character assassinations and making false and malicious accusations. He is also an expert in selling national assets without authority for a pittance as he did with the sale of Mid-Med Bank in Malta.

John Dalli Justifies Gaddafi’s Behaviour

In a televised interview on the 3rd March 2011 EU Commissioner John Dalli justified the way that Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi is retaliating towards his people. He stated “he didn’t think he had the right, or anyone else, to make a statement on whether he (Gaddafi) should step down”.

EU Commissioner John Dalli also stated “I think that Gaddafi should make his own decisions”.

This arrogant and incompetent politician is justifying the breach of human rights and murder that has been taken place in Libya since the fight for freedom and democracy started there. By making such a statement he is also approving all the dictatorships that still exist today.